Tasked with creating the website, brand design, and building out a digital strategy and social media campaign for the urban festival that would attract and engage a young audience between the ages of 18-29. Below are the results.


Line Up
Line Up
Line Up
Line Up

The website was the focal point of the festival as this was where potential customers would come to find information regarding the festival. We wanted to make the experience as clean and straightforward as possible so that customers could easily understand what the event was about, who was on the line up and where and when it was taking place and how to purchase tickets.


We stripped all the complexity and decided on a minimalistic approach to copy on the page. We only went into deep bursts of text on the artist's bios to paint a clearer picture of the artists backgrounds. The rest of the information about the festival; the organisers, and the sponsors was contained to one info page but the line up, tickets, and dates had a higher ranking in priority. We also included a blog page to keep customers informed as we got closer to the event. This was spearheaded by the social media campaign which we strategically designed and maintained. We became the official marketing department for the festival ensuring we spread the word via digital marketing as well managed the community and kept attendees engaged.


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The branding for the festival started off on social media and then spread out across all facets of the festival. The visual language was taken from the Glandfest logo which featured 3 red, yellow, green stripes. We created a design system with these colours and created a language based on colour. Green for announcements, yellow for engagement and red for urgent information. We used broken boxes around the artists to communicate they were breaking out of the box and challenging barriers and also to give a 3D illusion they were coming out of the box from the digital to physical really soon.

With our visual language solidified we naturally designed, flyers, posters, press passes, t shirts, merchandise, and banners using this language. This resonated with fans as they had never seen a festival of this kind with a bold visual identity like this and we managed to capture the attention of the market which lead to the festival being the most anticipated event of the year in the industry.

Catch Me Campaign


To coincide with the release of the tickets we launched an influencer campaign to get fans excited about the festival. The goal was to spread awareness of festival via organic social media reach. We tapped key influencers in the community to kick off the campaign by creating uniformed posts that were to be shared on Instagram, Snapchat, and Whatsapp. The template followed the same design language as the artist announcement visuals and included information on the festival's date, location, and line up. The visual included the call to action: 'Catch me at Glandfest' to let viewers know they will be in attendance at the festival.

We then opened the campaign in a tiered fashion to fans who had already bought tickets then the general public who were excited to go. In total we received over 100 requests and created 90+ visuals. These were then shared with the fans who reposted them to their social networks increasing the reach of the festival. This resulted in palpable excitement for the festival and created an active community on twitter leading up to the festival encouraging others to buy their tickets since their friends were in attendance.


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